Send Us a Devo

If God has placed a message on your heart, this might be the perfect place to share it. You are welcome to submit a Devo that we will consider including on

Here are a couple of things to know:

  1. We might edit your Devo slightly.
  2. If selected, we will use your Devo on the website and in the Downloadable Devos Sheets.
  3. We cannot pay you for your written material.
  4. Wherever and whenever your Devo appears, we will include your name with it, but we will not publish your Email address.

Here are a couple of guidelines: 

  1. Each Devo has three sub-sections: “Read” is the section for Bible passages that you want to include with your Devo. (You don’t have to write out the verses word for word. We can add them in for you. We currently have permission to use the NIV, NLT, and CEB versions of the Bible.) “Reflect” is the section for helping people think about how the Scripture applies to their lives. You might tell a story, give some historical background, or offer a personal testimony in this section. “Respond” is a section where we invite readers to take action of some sort. You could suggest they memorize one of the verses, create a prayer list, contemplate their personal priorities, and so on.
  2. The entire Devo—all three sections combined—should be about 350 words and cannot go over 400.
  3. Remember, we’re not preachy.
  4. Remember, too, that our audience is teenagers, and especially teenagers who might be newer to the Christian faith. Avoid using “Christianese” or big fancy church words that would need to be defined to understand your point. 

OK, so here is the submission form. We would suggest writing your Devo in a Word or Google doc first and then copying it into this form. That way, if something goes wrong with the submission, you still have the original work.