Looking Beyond


Nehemiah 8:10b (CEB)
Don’t be sad, because the joy from the LORD is your strength!


  A few days ago, I saw a comment to a devotional pointing out that a lot of the submitted devos are about hardships and disappointment. Immediately I got to thinking about why that is. I mean why do we have to focus on every bad thing that happens to us? Isn’t life generally great and usually we’re happy?

  It’s not like we haven’t ever had a good day in our lives. Most days are great. We have good friends, a loving family, a roof over our heads, and a good school to go to. But we focus on the bad days more than the good days because they break the norm, and we begin to blame God for getting cut from a sports team or failing an exam.

  I’ll admit I’ve done that recently. I didn’t perform as well as I thought I would at a music competition, and my first instinct was to blame God for abandonment. Not long after, I became angry with myself for making such an unfair accusation. I hadn’t actually performed terribly, but because I had focused on what went wrong, I lost sight of what went well.

  God gives us so many good days that we should always be grateful to Him. Yet we allow all the bad things to cloud our thoughts and make us lose sight of God.


  How can you start looking beyond your struggles and begin to see God’s good works more clearly?

The author is a high school student from Illinois.


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