I Love You Most of All


Revelation 2:4-5 (CEB)
4But I have this against you: you have let go of the love you had at first. 5So remember the high point from which you have fallen. Change your hearts and lives and do the things you did at first. If you don’t, I’m coming to you. I will move your lampstand from its place if you don’t change your hearts and lives.


There’s an old, old song. I’m talking older-than-Elvis-old. It’s a song by the Mills Brothers called, “You Always Hurt the One You Love.” The main point of the song is that we tend to take for granted those who love us. We figure that our friends and family will always be there for us. We feel very comfortable with them. So, it’s easy to treat them poorly or neglect them. The song ends with the lyrics, “So if I broke your heart last night, it’s because I love you most of all.” It seems strange, but it’s somehow true.

The church in Ephesus was neglecting Jesus. It wasn’t that they were denying his existence, but they weren’t acting as if his existence made any difference to them. Jesus said, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching.” And he also said, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” If the church members weren’t demonstrating their love for Jesus by loving other people, what were they doing? What was their reason for existing?


Because Jesus loves us unconditionally and without end, and because there is nothing we can do to make Jesus stop loving us, it’s really easy for us to take him for granted and even neglect him. That’s not something we want to do. We don’t ever want to live as though Jesus’ existence makes no difference to us. What are some ways in which you actively demonstrate your love for Jesus? How can you crank it up?


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