He Always Showed Respect


2 Timothy 2:23-24 (CEB)
23Avoid foolish and thoughtless discussions, since you know that they produce conflicts. 24God’s slave shouldn’t be argumentative but should be kind toward all people, able to teach, patient.


One of the most stunning things about Jesus is the way he always showed respect for others. The entire time he was on Earth, he dealt with people who opposed him.

He dealt with Pharisees and priests who were very judgmental, thought they knew everything, and were sure that the son of a mere carpenter couldn’t teach them anything about God. Jesus remained firm in his teaching, but also never belittled those who rejected him.

He dealt with sinners and those who had no relationship with—much less, respect for—God. Jesus spent time with them, taught them about God’s love, and showed them the errors of their ways, but he always treated them with dignity.

But perhaps nothing underscores Jesus’ regard for other as much as this: while he was hanging on the cross, Jesus prayed for those who were killing him.


Remember Jesus’ commandment? “Love one another as I have loved you.” One great way to honor Jesus for his amazing sacrifice to us is to show his kind of respect to everyone we meet. Consider how you interact with people. If you tend to be argumentative…if you gossip a lot…if you would rather make fun than make a friend…make a change.


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