Sabotaging Ourselves


Proverbs 14:22 (NIV)
22Do not those who plot evil go astray?
But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.


  Have you ever watched a cartoon when there is a race involved?  There are a lot of them and they pretty much all follow the same pattern.  You have the protagonist (the good guy) racing the antagonist (the bad guy).  The antagonist will always get a quick lead…a huge lead, in fact.  It’s so big of a lead that they have enough time to stop to take a nap (like in the Tortious and the Hare) or set a trap for the protagonist.  Like clockwork the trap backfires or the sleeping antagonist gets passed up and loses the race. 

  How many times are we just like the antagonist?  We are in the lead, we have a great chance to win the race, and yet we stop.  We stop either to hurt others or fulfill our own selfish needs. 

  Jesus has shown us the way to win this race we call life and yet so many times it is as if we sabotage ourselves from winning. 


  Take some time today run/jog/walk safely down a street or path with a goal in site, and get their as quickly as you can.  When you get to your “finish line” walk back to where you began and think of the ways you might be sabotaging yourself from fulfilling God’s purpose. 

  What is keeping you from showing the world God’s love?  Are you mainly causing harm to just yourself or to others?  Pray to God for help so that you will stop sabotaging yourself, and others, and run this race as He intended you to. 

The author is the youth minister at Cedar Bayou Grace United Methodist Church in Baytown, Texas.


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