Our First Choice


John 14:1 (NIV)
1“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.”


  My grandma is in the hospital. She is in a very critical condition wherein her body will give up anytime. Last Monday, after her dialysis, she had an abrupt attack that caused her breathing and heartbeat to stop. She was then rushed into the nearest hospital and was revived at the emergency room.

  We are advised to let her stay in the ICU for she is now in a coma. It was then my dad lost all hope. They are to choose between connecting the apparatus which will prolong Nanay’s (that’s what we call her) life or let her. My mom is now at Manila, pursuing her masters, which means I am taking her position in the family for the meantime as the eldest daughter.

  My grandma has now transferred to a private room because we cannot afford staying long at the ICU. She is unconscious, but she can hear.

  I am torn between staying strong and wanting to cry. I need to stay strong for my dad, for his family, for our family as a whole. I am sometimes bothered about what is happening to them whenever I ran into errands or I am in class.

  Earlier this evening, I went to church for our midweek prayer. It so happened that the speaker’s topic is to be strong amidst all trials in life and never be troubled by such.


  It seems that God spoke to me through the speaker. I quickly went to the nearest comfort room to thank God for everything—for preserving our lives, for still providing us with food and water, and for the family’s undying love and support to each other.

  There is so much to life if you stop worrying and to let God in control. Let us not make Him our last resort, but rather, our first choice. Let us not be troubled!

The author is a college school student from the Philippines.


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