It Was Their Choice


1 Corinthians 10:13 (CEB)
13 No temptation has seized you that isn’t common for people. But God is faithful. He won’t allow you to be tempted beyond your abilities. Instead, with the temptation, God will also supply a way out so that you will be able to endure it.


God has given us excellent guidance as to how to live lives of righteousness. God has also promised that we will never be forced into committing sin or giving in to evil temptations.

That’s not to say that there won’t ever be temptation. Satan’s fulltime job is to try to convince us to turn away from God. As long as Satan exists so will the temptation to sin. But, according to today’s verse, we always have a way out.

One of the most famous temptation stories is that of Adam, Eve, and the talking serpent. Adam and Eve lived in a wonderful paradise, the Garden of Eden. Everything they needed was provided for them. The garden bloomed and blossomed. It was beautiful and full of delicious things to eat. There was also the Tree of Life, which meant that Adam and Eve could have lived there forever without worry of sickness and death.

There was only one stipulation. There was one tree in the entire garden that Adam and Eve were not to eat from. It was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were perfectly content with the abundance of blessings that God had given them. Everything was great—until Satan arrived on the scene. Do you know what Satan did? Satan told Adam and Eve that God wasn’t blessing them at all. Satan said that God was holding back. Satan said that God didn’t want them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge because then they would be just like God. Satan misrepresented God, lied to them, and tempted them to sin.

And they did.

But let’s back up a second and ask: Were Adam and Eve forced into sinning? No. It would have been different if there had been a drought or something and that was the only thing left to eat. But the fact was, they were being well taken care of by God and could have eaten lots of other stuff. They had a way out, but they chose to disobey God.


There is always a way out. When faced with temptation, the best thing to do is turn to God in prayer. Re-center yourself. Focus on God’s love and God’s will. God will not abandon you to face temptation alone.


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